White Water Rafting in Dandeli – For the Ones With Nerves of Steel

Karnataka offers the tourist opportunities to experience adventure sports in pristine locations. Dandeli is one such eco-tourism spot offering world class white water rafting facilities.

Dandeli is 125 km from Goa by road and is set on the banks of the turbulent Kali River.  The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the natural habitat of a host of wildlife .The deciduous trees, the abundant rainfall, and protected status ensure that the flora and fauna in this Sanctuary thrive.

Rafting Facilities in Dandeli

There are many organizers offering rafting facilities at Dandeli. The more popular among these are the tours organized under Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Dandeli.com and the Kali River Camp. The tour organizers give the tourist a choice of a 9-km 4-hour run or a 4-km 2-hour run.

White water rafting, Dandeli. Image source Flickr

The guests are transported upstream through the jungle in a jeep and familiarised with white water rafting procedure. Basic safety precautions include wearing a lifejacket and helmet at all times, avoiding loose clothing and footwear and following the guide’s instructions at all times.

The guests are then seated in an inflatable raft, which is launched in the turbulent rapids. The adrenaline gush from navigating these rapids is an unmatched experience.

Accommodation in Dandeli

There are a number of resorts near Dandeli offering comfortable if slightly expensive stays. Among these are the Kali Adventure Cap, Bison Resort, Wilderness Chorla and Sai River Resort. Devbagh Beach Resort is near Dandeli at around 3 km from Karwar. This resort is situated near the point where the Kali River flows into the Arabian Sea and offers a host of beach adventure activities.

Accommodation in Dandeli is slightly more expensive when compared to similar tourist spots, but the traveller can take advantage of discounts on off season and group bookings offered by the resorts.

Other Activities in Dandeli

There are a host of activities at Dandeli that will surely test your endurance and courage. Stringent safety precautions are followed, and experienced guides are provided to ensure that you enjoy a world class experience of adventure sport.

1. Wildlife Trekking: Experienced guides take the tourists around the Dandeli jungles. If you are         lucky, you can get a chance to spot the following inhabitants: the black panther, Malabar Squirrel, sloth bear, barking deer, Sambar, Bison, Iguana, Cobra, elephant, and the Great Indian Hornbill.

2. Rapelling: Sathkonda Canyon near Dandeli has rock face ideal for die hard rapellers. The gushing waterfall at the sheer rock face is the bonus!

3. Kayaking: The Supa reservoir covers a vast area, and it is a suitable venue for kayaking sports. First-time kayakers are provided a two-seater canoe with a seasoned guide. Experienced kayakers can use a single-seater canoe.

4. Angling: Mahseer are found in large numbers at Dandeli and some spots along the river provide ample sport for the angler. Angling equipment is available on hire at the resort.

5. Excursions: The Syntheri rocks and Carla caves are suitable for one-day excursions, and they provide breathtaking views of ravines and caves along the rivers Kali and Kalindi. The river Kali is also the habitat of crocodiles and tours to spot crocodiles and water birds are organised on request. The villages around Dandeli are inhabited by the Gowlis and Siddis, who are semi nomadic tribals. A trip to their villages gives us a glimpse into their lifestyles.

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