Kodavas of Coorg

Kodagu Men’s and Women’s traditional Attire

Kodavas, the Tigers of Coorg also known as Kodugu, are a tiny community,  have always been unique and excelled in the Armed Forces and Sports. The Kodavas are a martial race with pronounced colonial influence.
Their loyality has always found firm footing in the Armed forces. With their customs and traditions different from the rest of the region, they accrue all the benefits that give them a distinct identity.  Not only are the tall strikingly handsome men, with their peche kathi ( the dagger-every Kodava man must possess) and their women gorgeous and appealing.Kodavas excelled at sport especially hockey, their contribution to the Indian Army had their own Coorg Regiment(now disbanded) and dominated the coffee trade. The community  played traditional war games such as pareya-kali and shaki-kolu.  Tournments were hosted by families and women were allowed to compete. Players for national and state levels are selected and coached. The Madras Engineering Group(MEG) had many Kodavas in their team.

Nowadays, all these has changed. The South Western Karnataka community has buffed by the winds of change.   There has been a slump in the coffee prices owing to many people to sell their lands and migrate to new pastures. Once upon a time, every Kodava family could proudly list the men at the armed forces.

Now the younger generation prefers professional courses and other opportunities.Many have sold their lands, and they find other discipline more secure and lucrative.Many Kodava families are selling their ancestral homesteads and estate, and migrating to Bangalore or Mysore looking for greener pastures.