Sri Sangameshwara Temple, Kudalasangama

District: Bagalkot District
Town: Bijapur
Temple: Kudalasangama

Situated at the confluence of two rivers, namely River Krishna and River Malapraha, the Kudalasangama attracts a lot of devotees every year. It is one of the most important places of Hindu worship.

Kudalasangama – Overview

Kudalasangama is renowned for the ancient Sri Sangameshwara temple which was built in the twelfth century by the Chalukya rulers. Originally this place was known as Kappadi Sangama. Sri Sangameshwara temple is dedicated to Basaveshwara, a renowned teacher and poet born in the second century. Kudalasangama was his place of birth and hence the Hindus believe that this as a very important site. The great ascetic was also known as Ishanaguru.

Kudalasangama – Mythology

An ascetic named Jathadeva had set up an educational institute in the ancient times. Basaveshwara, Channabasavanna and Akkanagamma were his disciples. The saint Basaveshwara had spent his childhood in Kudalasangama and later on he became an ascetic. His numerous tenets were all dedicated to the main deity Sangamanatha. A Shiva Linga with a small stone stupa stands just in front of the temple. During the festival of Mahashivratri, thousands of pilgrims take a dip at Kudalasangama before going to the Shiva Linga to seek blessings of Lord Shiva.

Kudalasangama – Architecture

The temple of Shri Sangameshwara is full of beautiful stone carvings. The name Sangameshwara comes from the fact that this temple is situated on the meeting point of two rivers. This temple has intricate carvings and is a feast to the eyes. The temple has a navagriha or the main temple and a porch. Animal figures and flowers have been inscribed on the doors of this temple.

Kudalasangama – Deities Worshipped

Inside the sanctum sanctorum you will find the idols of Ganesh, Neelamma, Nandi and Basaveshwara. All four deities can be found in the navagriha or the main temple. One of the inscriptions in this temple suggests that it was erected in the year 1212. This holy temple is dedicated to Lord Achesvara.

How to Get to Kudalasangama

The nearest rail head is located at Bijapur. More over you can reach Kudalasangama by road from Bangalore and Bijapur.

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