Almatti Dam

Almati dam, Bijapur. Source Wikipedia

The Almatti Dam is in a Bijapur, a small town Northern Karnataka,  and is built across the Krishna River. The construction was done in 2005, so it is a relatively new dam. It is the main reservoir of the Upper Krishna Irrigation Project and it uses Kaplan Turbines.

Water is released into the Narayanpur reservoir once it uses it for power generation and serves the irrigation requirements. 10 meters of height was increased in this dam after the Supreme Court ordered to do so.


 Built onRiver Krishna
 Length1565.15 meters
 Height23.31 meters
Length of spillway486.50 meters
Number of gates26
Filling periodFrom June to November
Depletion periodFrom  November to May
ProjectsUpper Krishna irrigation project

Almatti Dam A picnic Spot

There are about seven terrace gardens that have been built as a picnic spot in Almatti dam area. Musical fountains, stagnant fountains, boating facilities etc. have been set up here for people who wish to visit it. This makes it a great tourist attraction. There is a garden named ‘Rock Hill’ situated on one of side of this Dam. It also has an artificial forest with ceramic wild animals.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Apart from the artificial forest  and the rock gardens, there are several other tourist attractions in and around Almatti Dam. There are several Mosques and temples for those who are looking to enjoy a religious trip or a pilgrimage. Several cultural historic places are also there that would give you an overview of the ancient era. Some of them are listed below:

  • Anand Mahal
  • Citadel
  • Jama Masjid
  • Gol Gumbaz
  • Kudalasangama (Temple)
  • Malik –e- Maidan
  • Narasimha Temple
  • Bara Kaman
  • Chandi Bawadi
  • Lotus lake
  • Bijapur Palace

Resorts and Hotels nearby Almatti Dam

This religious and historic place has several resorts and hotels in Bijapur which are pocket friendly and luxurious as well.

Contact numbers of some the resorts are listed below:

Madhuvan International Hotel

Station Road,
Karnataka – 586101
Phone:+91 083 5225 5571

Hotel Royal Residency
Opp. Gol Gumbaz,
Station Road,
Railway Station,
Karnataka – 586104
Mobile: +91 96322 27325,
Landline: +91 083 52250 714/5

Hotel Shashinag Residency
No. 103, Solapur-Chitradurg Bypass,
Karnataka – 586103
Mobile: +9198440 31644
Landline: +91 083 52260 344444

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