Kuruvathi Basaveshwara Temple, Mylara

District: Bellary
Town: Mylara
Temple: Kuruvathi Basaveshwara Temple

kuruvathi-basaveshwara-temple-mylaraThe Kuruvathi Basaveshwara Temple is located in the Bellary district of Karnataka. It is located in the Hoovina Hadagali Taluq. It lies two kilometers away from Mylara which has the famous Lingeshwara Temple and 39 km away from Ranebennur, the location of the Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary

Kuruvathi Basaveshwara temple – Overview

The Kuruvathi Basaveshwara temple is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. The reason for the name is because it is believed that Basaveshwara came here to cure the Kuru or wounds of his devotees. Basaveshwara is Lord Shiva’s Bull Nandi.

Kuruvathi Basaveshwara temple – Mythology

It is said that the Divine Bull Nandi came here in search of Lord Shiva, found him here and sat in front of him in meditation. He is now revered as Basaveshwara or Basavanna. He is believed to be very merciful and grants every wish of his true devotees.

Kuruvathi Basaveshwara Temple – Architecture

This temple was built in the style of Vijayanagara architecture and is around 600 years old. The temple has a Grabhagraha, a Sukanasi and another hall connecting to the main mandapa. This mandapa is on raised plinths which has carved friezes all around it. There are four entrances to the mandapa, all ornately decorated. There are beautiful pillars all around the mandapa. Inside the sanctum, there is a huge ten feet long and six feet tall figure of Nandi or Basaveshwara.

Kuruvathi is called Dakshina Kasi because, like the River Ganga in Kasi, the Tungabhadra here flows from East to West.

How to Get to Kuruvathi Basaveshwara Temple

The nearest airport is located at Hubli, and the nearest railway station is present in Dharwad. There are no direct buses to Kuruvathi, but there are buses to nearby points like Ranebennur, Mylara, and Neelgunda etc. From these places, you can get another bus to Kuruvathi, or an auto-rickshaw.

Kuruvathi Basaveshwara Temple – Facts

  • Regular pujas are conducted at the temple
  • Special pujas are offered on Shivaratris
  • Rathotsava called Kuruvathi Theru is held during Maha Shivaratri

The Nandi idol is kept inside the ratha, there is a wait till Magha Nakshatra and then devotees pull the ratha and the idol is taken in procession

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