Wild Valley Farm Resort

Resort Overview

Wild Valley Farm serves as the perfect spot for world weary people, who are looking for vacation hotspots that are not too crowded or mainstream.

Located in Germalam in the state of Tamil Nadu, it spans over 100 acres of lush green area. It is surrounded on three sides by tropical reserve forests of the Western Ghats and abuts a stream with small waterfall. This picturesque farm will help you connect with nature and forget your daily worries.

Facilities Offered

wild-valley-farm-resort-bangaloreIf you are a nature lover and love to stay in a natural setting, then the full-size spacious tents are the ones for you. These tents provide the comforts of a regular room with mattresses, beds, blankets and pillows. They give the visitors the stimulating experience of being one with nature. Worry not, because for the less adventurous, rooms will also be available.

Indian as well as Western style toilets are available in this resort and the bathrooms have running water throughout the day. Hot water is also offered here throughout the day. The electricity in this resort is limited only to the common areas as the rest of the area is illuminated by natural light at day and Indian lanterns at night.

Food is set up in a buffet and fresh farm produce also decorates the buffet table. Guests can dig in and have some very wholesome and healthy meals.

How to Get to the Resort

Wild Valley Farm can be reached from Bangalore by road. It lies at a distance of about 190 km from Bangalore. The nearest airport is Bangalore Airport or you can also travel via Erode Airport. Railway stations at Bangalore or Erode are close by and from these points; the resort can be reached by road.

Contact Information and Pricing


For adults, the pricing ranges around INR 1450 per person. This is inclusive of tent accommodation and meals. For children above 5 and 12 years of age, the pricing will be INR 750 per child. Kids below five years of age can stay with their families for free.

For group discounts, the following numbers can be contacted:

Phone: + 91 944 913 3200/+ 91 959 124 3713/+ 91 937 983 9767
Email: wildvalley.farm@yahoo.com

Activities and Things to Do

  • Eco-holidaying: Envisage the idea of being woken up to chirping birds and a glorious morning breeze. Visualizing lush and verdant landscapes of trees and plants can soothe your eyes. You can relax under a tree, take a swim, and do an umpteen number of things you have wanted to do in a long time.
  • Nature Camps: This is organized for schools which encourage field trips as a part of the learning curriculum. Students can learn about botany and zoology through this trip.
  • Corporate Training: The farm provides an environment for organizations seeking to drive effective learning. Programs conducted here include induction programs, communication workshops, conflict management workshops, vision and mission workshops, and leadership skill workshops.
  • Special Interest Groups: The farm also hosts events for de-stress therapy and Bible study camps.

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