Bandipur is a popular destination for those who are into wildlife tourism. There are very good hotels, resorts to stay in and around Bandipur.


Elephants at Bandipur National Park

Bandipur is a beautiful tourist spot and considered as one of the best wild life sanctuaries in the country.  India’s one of the best known tiger sanctuaries is Bandipur National Park. The park includes rocky hills and valleys drained by rivers Kabini, Nugu, Moyar and numerous small streams. The enchanting Nilgiri Mountains and their cloud-covered […]

Bush Betta Wildlife Resort

Bush Betta Resort, Bandipur

Bush Betta Wildlife Resort is an attractive resort which is situated near a wildlife sanctuary and other natural attractions. This resort is eco-friendly and leaves minimal footprints on the environment. The resort, located in Bandipur, provides the unique experience of living in the middle of one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in India. The […]