Sangameshwara Temple

District: Bagalkot
Town: Kudalasangama
Temple: Sangameshwara Temple

Kudalasangama is situated in Bagalkot District in Karnataka. It is located at the confluence of the Krishna and the Ghataprabha rivers.

Kudalasangama – Overview

sangameshwara-temple-kudalasangamaIt is an important pilgrimage center for the Lingayat community. The Samadhi of Basaveshwara (the founder of the Lingayat faith) is situated here. The Sangameshwara Temple, a Shaivite temple, is a beautiful example of Hindu temple architecture.

Kudalasangama – History

Kudalasangama is closely associated with Basaveshwara (Basavanna), the 12th century poet and religious leader.

Basavanna was a great social and religious reformer who lived in the twelfth century. He revolted against the existing caste practices and other social evils. He created the Lingayat faith which accepted people from all strata of society without laying any emphasis on caste, creed or sex.

Basavanna studied under Guru Sangameshwara in Kudalasangama. This is where his spiritual quest was fulfilled. He began to formulate his school of thought here. He served as Prime Minister to the Kalachurya king. He created a new spiritual institution that anyone could join. Called Anubhava Mantapa, it rejected the ideas of castes and untouchability and also attracted a lot of followers. Basavanna’s form of Shaivism attracted a lot of followers, many from other existing shaivite sects like Kapalika and Kalamukha. It spread throughout India, and Lingayats became one of the largest and powerful communities in Karnataka.

Basavanna’s final resting place is in Kudalasangama. This is a place of prime importance to Lingayats, for it houses Basavanna’s Samadhi and the Sangameshwara temple.

Kudalasangama – Architecture

Kudalasangama has the Sangamanatha temple, built originally in the Chalukyan period. The current structure showcases the Jain style of architecture. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Sangameshwara, in the form of a Linga. The entrance to the shrine is flanked by beautifully carved pillars, with figures of animals and flowers. Around the courtyard there are images of Ganesha and Nandi, as well as those of Basavanna and Neelamma. It is a beautiful temple located at the confluence of the Krishna and Malaprabha rivers.

The original Udhbhavalinga shrine is enclosed in a cylindrical structure which was put up when the Upper Krishna Irrigation project was completed. This shrine is very significant for the Shaivites of Karnataka, especially the Lingayat community. This is where Saint Basaveshwara or Basavanna (as he was called) merged with the Lord.

How to Get to Kudalasangama

It is located just a few kilometers away from NH13. The place is well connected by road to Hunagund, Almatti and Bagalkot. Kudalasangama is present 15 kilometers away from Almati Dam.

Kudalasangama – Facts

  • Basavanna Bagewadi, the birthplace of Basavanna the social and religious reformer, is located here.
  • It has the Samadhi of Basavanna, known as the Aikya Mantapa.
  • The Poojavana is a mini forest with pathways flanked by trees.
  • Another attraction is the huge Sabha Bhavana. It is a spacious auditorium capable of seating 6000 people. It has four beautiful doorways named after four major personalities associated with the Lingayat sect – Gangambike, Nilambike, Channabasavanna and Akka Nagamma.
  • An annual fair is held here during Magha Masa.
  • Kudalasangama is also famous for its Shivaratri celebrations

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